Carrollton-Farmers Branch Baseball Association

Rain Out Information

Farmers Branch Fields (Pepper, Oran Good, & Jaycee)


Carrollton Fields (McInnish, Thomas, & Josey Ranch)


All recordings should be updated by the city by 4:00.

Rainout Line App - both cities

To download the app, go to the market on your phone and search Rainout Line or click the provided links.  Download the Rainout Line app and search for Carrollton Athletics.  When it appears, click the star on the right side of the page, and you are all set!  To add Farmers Branch, search for Farmers Branch, then click the star to favorite those facilities as well.

Carrollton Email or Text Notifications

To sign up for email or text notifications, visit our status dashboard and sign up on the left hand side of the screen.  


Additionally, CFBBA will update any field closures on the website, which will in turn generate an email, (and text message, if enabled) to all players and coaches scheduled for a game on the affected field(s).  In Spring seasons, if ALL fields are NOT closed, in BOTH cities, please stand by to see if we can move your game to a playable field. 

Perry Weather Outdoor Warning System in Carrollton

Lightning is a severe hazard that must be taken seriously. The City of Carrollton has installed Perry Weather Outdoor Warning Systems at McInnish Sports Complex, R.E. Good Soccer Complex, Josey Ranch Sports Complex, W.J. Thomas Park, Oak Hills Park, Rosemeade Aquatics Complex and Oak Creek Tennis Center. Perry Weather Systems will give one 15-second blast when lightning strikes within 10 miles of each location. Upon hearing the blast, everyone should immediately stop current activities, remove themselves from the fields and seek appropriate shelter. After the initial 15-second blast, a yellow strobe light on top of the system will begin flashing. This light will remain flashing until safe conditions return. After the area is clear for 30 minutes from the last strike, the system will provide an “all clear” by giving three 5-second blasts. Regular activities may resume at this time. No one is allowed to return to the field until the all-clear is given by the Perry Weather System. Any association or group that does not follow these procedures, is subject to loss of field privileges. Everyone should immediately seek shelter any time lightning is believed to be a threat, even if a signal has not been sounded.


CFBBA Game Delay Policy Related to Lightning/Rain

If lightning occurs on a weeknight (defined as school nights, Sunday – Thursday), during a game, we will wait to see if lightning clears for the first 30 minutes.  If after 30 minutes, we get the all clear, games will resume.  If we do not get the all clear after the first 30 minute delay, games will be cancelled for the evening.  Further to that, if the warning sounds during warm-ups, before the first games of the evening have started, we will wait for a second 30 minutes.  This is for lightning that occurs without rain.  If there is rain, with or without lightning, canceling or delaying the game is at the umpire’s descretion, based on the potential of field playability, once the rain stops.  If lightning or rain occurs on a week-end, game cancellations will be handled on a case by case basis.  Please be ready to play your game, unless you get an update from us that your game has been cancelled.