Practice FAQs

Practice FAQ

This is a recap of how to obtain a practice field from CFBBA at no cost to you.


What is FREE WEEK?

Free week is a list of specific dates (before the season starts) when the city allows your team to practice on a game field at NO COST.  Farmers Branch never allows this outside of Free Week.  Carrollton will rent you a field though out the season for an additional cost to you, paid to the city. 



The term regular practice means a practice location assigned to you though out the season at no cost.

Both practice options will be on a Sign-Up Genius link. 

How do I get a practice slot?

The very next morning after the coach’s meetings (2/22/2019) I will email ALL head coaches and team administrators a list of Sign Up Genius links broken down by city and practice type (regular or free week), a total of 3 links.   We send the email the next day to give everyone a fair chance to get the slots they want.  Once the email is sent out, please have a few top selections and back up selections.  Poll your parents and know what days they prefer for practice days BEFORE the links go out.


The first time the links go out (2/22/2019) you will be limited on how many practice slots you can have for regular practice (reoccurring slots) and free week (one-time slots).  This is to enable that all coaches have a chance of getting a slot.  Once everyone has had an opportunity to select at least one slot, I will resend the links out to you again (2/25/2019) and you can take as many slots you like at that point.  All links will disable at 12:01am on 2/27/2019.  These are hard deadlines.


So, knowing what you want in advance is key.   It’s first come first serve and they go fast.


The 3 links in the email will be:

  • FREE WEEK in Farmers Branch
  • FREE WEEK in Carrollton
  • REGULAR practices in Farmers Branch
  • REGULAR practices in Carrollton (Sunday ONLY)  <-- This is NO longer an option. As of Spring 2019.



Free Week: Time and date specific, non-recurring slots

Regular Practices: Permanent slots for the rest of the season.  Reoccurring.

We have 2 mandatory coaches meeting coming up depending on ages:

Wednesday, February 20th, Age Divisions 7/8 & younger

Thursday, February 21st, Age Divisions 9/10 & older

Both meetings @ 7:00pm, Farmers Branch Rec Center, Oak Room

Address: 14050 Heartside Place, Farmers Branch, TX 75234


At the meeting we will go over this process and answer any questions you have for practice fields. 


Remember, we are ONE league (CFBBA) but play in TWO separate cities.  Therefore, the parks we practice at are all different in having lights or not, back stop or not, all grass or a real baseball field, time and days of the week for availability. 



If you have a question please feel free to contact me any time:

972-814-4210 Call, text or email me.

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