FALL 2019
We will no longer be supplying uniforms. 
Since this is new for our league, for 7/8AA and younger, we have a plan for this season, in order to help with the transition.
CFBBA will provide a red T shirt and a blue T shirt for each child that is playing in 7/8AA or younger.
Red T Shirt = Home Team
Blue T Shirt = Away Team
Coaches will determine the color of pants, belts, caps, socks, etc... for parents to purchase.
If your 7/8 and younger team already has a uniform for the Fall, you can opt to use your own uniform, instead of the provided T shirts, but your team will still get the 2 T shirts.
The default will be for the Fall T shirts to have NO numbers. 
If you are a modified, 7/8A, or 7/8AA team and DO plan to use the provided T shirts as your Fall jerseys, please contact Liz Cardenas, and she'll make sure that your T shirts have numbers.
Starting with the Spring, 2020 season, coaches or team managers/parents will need to coordinate uniforms for ALL DIVISIONS.
Please check back here as the Spring nears, and we'll have some contacts that coaches can use for uniforms, in case they don't have contacts already.
For 5/6 Modified and older, all jerseys must have numbers on the back.
All numbers must be different from each other. 
"Blank" or "0" or "00" can all be "numbers", as long as no one else on the same team has the same "number."
Names are not a requirement for jersey backs, but they are allowed.
All players, in ALL divisions MUST wear a cap while in the field.  
It is typical for socks and belts to be the same color and to coordinate with the rest of the unifrom.  Coaches should let parents know what color to purchase.
For BlastBall and TeeBall, regular sneakers are fine.
For 5/6 Modified and older, all players must wear cleats.
Metal cleats are not allowed until 13/14.
For other questions regarding uniforms, please contact Liz Cardenas.
For questions regarding equipment, please contact Mark Adams or Mason Gann.

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