March 9th - Umpire Training Scrimmages - Schedule



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9:00am 10:30am Jaycee Machine Pirates (Montes)   St. Rita White Sox (Fischer)  
10:40am 12:10pm Jaycee          
12:20pm 1:50pm Jaycee          
2:00pm 3:30pm Jaycee Modified CH Rangers (Carr)   Orioles (Gutierrez)  
3:40pm 5:50pm Jaycee Modified Brewers (Hougen)   Pirates (Slavinsky)  
9:00am 10:30am Pepper North 7/8A Dodgers (Perry)   Cubs (Jones)  
10:40am 12:10pm Pepper North 7/8A Big Red Machine (Stephens)   Cubs (Jones) / Dodgers (Perry)  
12:20pm 1:50pm Pepper North 7/8AA Dodgers (Perry)   Athletics (Goodman)  
2:00pm 3:30pm Pepper North 7/8A NTX Thunder (Campos)   Grasshoppers (Gonzalez)  
3:40pm 5:50pm Pepper North 7/8AA Scrappers (Araujo)   Braves (Dover)  
9:00am 10:30am Pepper South 9/10AA Rangers (Wright)   Desperados (Wilcoxson)  
10:40am 12:10pm Pepper South 9/10A Rangers (Wright)   Brewers (Coleman)  
12:20pm 1:50pm Pepper South 9/10A Warriors (Parada)   North Texas Bandits (Cardenas)  
2:00pm 3:30pm Pepper South 9/10AA Wrecking Crew (Campos)   Diamondbacks (Nelson)  
3:40pm 5:50pm Pepper South Machine Dodgers (Gutierrez)   Pirates (Montes)  
9:00am 10:30am Oran Good 2          
10:40am 12:10pm Oran Good 2 11/12AA Bombers (Rosa)   Desperados (Wilcoxson)  
12:20pm 1:50pm Oran Good 2 11/12AA Bombers (Rosa)   TCA/Comets/Wildcats  
2:00pm 3:30pm Oran Good 2 11/12A Royals (Prince)   Rangers (Mullican)  
3:40pm 5:50pm Oran Good 2 11/12A Royals (Prince)   Wrecking Crew (Campos)  
9:00am 10:30am Oran Good 1          
10:40am 12:10pm Oran Good 1          
12:20pm 1:50pm Oran Good 1          
2:00pm 3:30pm Oran Good 1 13/14 Spartans (Spickard)   NTX Stingrays (Doering)  
3:40pm 5:50pm Oran Good 1 13/14 Mustangs (Cannon)   Blue Jays (Adams)  

All scrimmages are 1.5 hours, drop dead time. 

Please be ready to vacate/enter dugouts quickly.

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