Registration FAQs - Fall 2019

Jul 15, 2019 12:54 AM

CFBBA Fall 2019 - Registration FAQs


Q:  When is Registration?

A:  UPDATED ANSWER....Registration for the Fall 2019 season ended August 19th.  Feel free to register for our Wait List by clicking the link below.  If we have a roster spot availabe, we'll add your player to the roster for the corresponding age group.



Q:  What happens if I miss the deadline?

A:  Our deadline is firm.  At 12:01am, August 20th, all divisions will transition to only allow registration onto our wait lists.  Once all players from the draft are placed onto teams, if there are any open roster spots, those will be filled from the wait lists.  Any person registering after the deadline will be charged a $25 late fee, no exceptions.


Q:  How do I begin the registration process?

A:  Each person that plays with or volunteers for CFBBA needs to have an account.  All persons residing in the same household OR supporting the same children, should be on the same account.  To create an account, you will need to click “Log-In” in the top right corner of the home page.  From there, just follow the prompts to create a new account.  Once you have created an account, you will be able to register.  Payments are taken online.  For the Fall 2019 season, you can pay in full at the time of registration or pay a $50 down-payment and complete your registration.  The remainder (if any) will be divided into 2 equal payments and deducted, via automatic draft, from the card that you leave on file on September 1st and October 1st.


Q:  What if I need to pay by cash or check?

A:  Contact Stephanie Jordan at or 972-342-4043 (text is best) to work out arrangements to pay by check or cash, but you still need to have this taken care of by the registration deadline.


Q:  What are the age groups and prices?

A:  League Age is determined by a player’s age as of May 1, 2020.

  • Age 3-4, BlastBall - $50
  • Age 5-6, T-Ball - $50
  • Age 5-6, Modified Coach Pitch - $75
  • Age 7-8A & AA, Coach Pitch - $90
  • Age 9-10, Machine Pitch - $90 
  • Age 9-10A & AA, Kid Pitch - $100 
  • Age 11-12A & AA, Kid Pitch - $100
  • Age 13-14, Kid Pitch - $100


Ages 7/8, 9/10 (KP), and 11/12 have both A and AA divisions. 

The AA division is the more competitive division of the two.


Q:  What if my child is smaller than other kids their age, less skilled, and their date of birth is really close to the cut off? Can my child play down in age division?

A:  This is a very black and white rule, and we do not allow playing down in age.


Q:  What if my child started school late or was held back; can he/she play down in age group in order to play with the kiddos in the same grade?

A:  We understand that USSSA does offer this, and we understand if kids would like to play with their classmates.  Given that CFBBA plays with combination age groups (2 ages per division), we are not able to support this and don’t feel that it is in the best interest of all children playing, due to safety concerns.


Q:  What if my child is advanced for his age? Can my child play up in age division?

A:  Yes.  We do allow playing up by one year of age.  For instance, a child that is league age 10, may play up to 11/12.  A child that is league age 11 may not play up to 13/14, unless parents contact the VP of both age divisions to discuss and gain approval.


Q:  What happens after I register?

A:  If your child already belongs to a team, they will be placed on the indicated team, generally within 48 hours of registration.  If your child needs a team, they will be placed on that division’s “draft team”, generally within 48 hours of registration.  Once registration is over (the deadline is August 19th), placement of the draft players onto teams will begin and should be completed by August 24th.  If your child was assigned to a “draft team”, look to hear from their coach no later than August 30th, regarding uniforms, practice times/locations, and things of that nature.


Q:  I would like my child to play on an AA level team, how would I go about making that happen?

A:  The best way to make this happen would be to reach out to one of the AA coaches and see if they have room on their roster.  Contact information for last season's coaches can be found in the links above the board members on the contacts page.  You can also just sign your child up for the AA divison, and they'll go into the draft.  Please be advised that if you sign a child up for the AA division, and there are no roster spots available, we will move your child to the single A division.


Q:  What if my child was placed on a division’s “draft team”, but they actually belong to an already formed team?

A:  Contact your child’s coach ASAP so that they can communicate this to the Registration Coordinator and/or the age group VP.


Q:  How are children from the draft placed on teams? Are there tryouts?

A:  No, there are no tryouts.  Children from the draft are placed on teams, mainly based on comparable geographical location or schools they attend, WHEN POSSIBLE.  This is to make it easier to schedule practice locations and around school events, but more importantly, so that kiddos can potentially play with school friends or kids that could feed into the same high school.  Sometimes, though, it just isn’t possible.  This depends on the division, how many teams need players, and how many players are in the draft.


Q:  What if my child has a friend or relative, and they would like to be placed on the same team?

A:  Please be sure to indicate this in the comments section when registering.  We will do our best to make this happen, but we can’t make any promises.


Q:  Where are games played?

A:  Farmers Branch – Oran Good 1 & 2, Pepper North & South, Jaycee, Raymond DeLeon

Carrollton – McInnish Park Fields 6-15, Thomas Park Fields 1 & 2


Q:  What if I don’t live in Carrollton or Farmers Branch? Can I still play in CFBBA?

A:  Yes, you can.  We do not have residency restrictions or boundaries.


Q:  I am interested in being a Head Coach for a draft team.  How can I find out more information?

A:  Contact the VP of your kiddo’s age group.  VP Contact Information can be found by clicking on the “Contacts” tab on the left side of the screen.


Q:  What if my question is not listed?

A:  Contact the VP of your age group.  VP Contact Information can be found by clicking on the “Contacts” tab on the left side of the screen.




Q:  I am a coach, and I want to register my team to play in CFBBA.  How do I get started?

A:  Click “Log In” in the top right corner of the home page and create an account, if you don’t already have one.  Once logged in, you’ll click to “Apply to Volunteer”.  You’ll register yourself as the Head Coach.  During the registration process, you will be asked a series of questions regarding your team name, whether or not you will need draft players, how many, a list of players on your roster, etc… Please be sure to complete the registration process completely, reading all fine print.  You will receive a receipt via email when you are done.  Once the Registration Coordinator sees that you have registered, your team will be “created”, and you will be given access that can be viewed by logging into your Sports Illustrated Account on a PC or by downloading the SIP App.


Q:  How do my players register for my team?

A:  Each player will need to create an account through the CFBBA site.  (please scroll to the top for directions on the registration process) During the registration process, they will need to choose “yes” that they are on a coach’s protected roster and indicate your team’s information.  (This is very important for them to be placed on your team.)  Once the Registration Coordinator sees the player is registered, notices that your team is mentioned, and compares to the roster that you submit, the player will be assigned to your team.  It is YOUR responsibility to be sure that each of your players is registered by the deadline.  (August 19th)


Q:  How do I see when someone is assigned to my team? How can I view my roster?

A:  You will receive an email each time that a new player is added to your roster.  Additionally, there are a few ways to view your roster:  1) You can go to, click on teams, click on divisions, click on your team's division, click on your team, and then click on roster.  To view contact information for your players or send emails from a PC, make sure that you are logged in.  2) You can download the SI Play app (it's free), use your CFBBA user name and password, click on my teams at the bottom, click on roster at the top.  3) You can log into your account from, top right corner, click on log in, when you get into your account, you'll see where you can click to get to the team website


Q:  What if I need one invoice for my entire team’s registration?

A:  Please contact the Registration Coordinator for instructions.


Q:  What rules do you use?

A:  We follow the USSSA rules, with division specific caveats posted on our website.  The specific caveats are discussed at the mandatory coaches’ meetings. (see important dates on the website).


Q:  I am interested in being a Head Coach for a draft team.  How can I find out more information?

A:  Contact the VP of your kiddo’s age group.  VP Contact Information can be found by clicking on the “Contacts” tab on the left side of the screen.


Q:  What if my question is not listed?

A:  Contact the VP of your age group.  VP Contact Information can be found by clicking on the “Contacts” tab on the left side of the screen.

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